Marcel Spaan

Hello i’ m a digital creative and love to think about all kinds of stuff, how to build and improve. I love user-centered design and to keep things simple at just the right level.

I have worked on many projects for a wide range of clients in different roles developing myself into hybrid professional as a visual-designer interaction-designer and front-ender, see me as a top-stack developer. Beside working in the professional field a have also worked a as lecturer in middle and higher education.


Start Helping now, Deelmee, GGD-GHOR, Schoolenveiligheid, Allesoversport, NVZ Kennisnet, GayandSchool, Digitaalveiligheidsplan, RevalidatieKennisnet, Invisalign, Kenniscentrum jeugd.


Top-stack developer: Photoshop, Ilustrator, Axure, Sublime, SVN, Gulp, Grunt, LESS, SASS, jQuery, WordPress, Vagrant, Jekyll, SVN.


Currently my special interests are on creative data visualisation, CSS performance optimalisation, and responsive typography.